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History of Our School


School History by Bud Colquhoun (edited)

The origins of Englehart High School (EHS) came about in 1927, when a continuation school was established. The school was initially given two upstairs rooms in a four-room addition to the then existing Public School (the red brick building adjacent to the present Museum). By 1930, with increasing enrolment, the school had outgrown its space and was transferred to the 'old' Public School (the present Museum). By the 1950's, EHS had clearly outgrown its premises (the present museum). In 1951, the nucleus of the current High School was built in its present location. Included was a large gymnasium-auditorium. In 1955, two additional rooms were added. Enrolment continued to climb and in 1962, three more classrooms were added. By the mid to late 1970's it was apparent that more classrooms plus additional space for a library and a larger gymnasium were needed and so began plans that ultimately culminated in further extensive renovations to EHS. The EHS Reunion (1927-1991) was held.