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About Our School

Englehart High School is very proud to offer many exciting and dynamic programs in a small family like atmosphere. We are especially proud of our Forestry High Skills Major Program and our Early Childhood Education Program. These programs are guaranteed to offer our students new learning experiences and opportunities. Being a small school allows us to provide students with a more personalized education. Our student success rates are amazing and our students have been recognized for their accomplishments at both provincial and national levels. All grade 9 students are enrolled in the Mentorship Program where each student is paired up with a senior-level student who will help them with the transition into high school as well as study habits, homework and helping students to settle into school routines. Students who need extra time and support in order to be successful in a course will be required to take advantage of our Guided Study Program from 3:00-3:25. Contact us if you would like any further information about our programs.